Interrail #Copenhagen

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After travelling by train, boat, train and bus we FINALLY got to Copenhagen! And we hadn’t been disappointed! In Copenhagen we stayed one and a half day and we slept in a hostel room for six people. First, we went to Nyhavn and there we made a harbor tour, which was fantastic!


Copenhagen is such a beautiful city, its amazing! We saw the opera (and I fell in love with it – I think it looks incredible) and the little mermaid (which was really hard to find by foot, because we wanted to see the statue closer than from the sea).



We also went to the Rundetaarn and to the quarter called Christiania, where people have their own rules and government. To be honest, I was kind of scared to go through this quarter, but nothing happened, in fact it was very interesting to see how these people live.


Copenhagen was beautiful, i really loved it! There are many cyclists and tiny, colored houses, which looked so cosy! The only negative thing about Copenhagen is, that it is very expensive!

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