Summer/Beach Essentials

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Well, actually I’m already on vacation when this blogpost is going online. I’m in Tenerife! And I’m so excited for this holiday! I’ve researched already a lot about Tenerife and all the pictures of it look amazing. If you want to stay up to date about my vacation then check out my instagram profile – I will post pictures there. (But no worries, I’m also going to put up a blogpost about my trip to Tenerife).

This blogpost is about my summer/beach essentials! I think it is important to take some things with you, when you going to the beach, especially when you want to sunbath the whole day.

  • Suncare: Of course I take suncream with me. I always take a suncream with a higher SPF and a sun oil for days, when I want to get really tan. I don’t get sunburnt very easily, but still it is important to put on some sun protector, because your skin needs to be protected from the rays of sunshine. I also take my sunglasses and a lip balm with me.


  • Entertainment: For me, it is also important to take something with me, which entertains me. I can’t lie in the sun all day long doing nothing. Therefore I like to take a book with me and also my mobile phone to hear some music.


  • Drinks and food: Water, water, water, water! I’m definitely (and unfortunately) the person who forgets to drink. BUT when I’m in the sun all day long it’s one of the most important things to drink a lot of water or fresh juice. Especially if you sweat a lot you need to give your body some fluid back. I also like to bring some fresh fruit with me, because I like to snack and it feels really refreshing (f.e. watermelon!)
  • Towel, bikini and bag: Of course I bring a towel with me. This one is from Primark and I like it a lot, because it is really soft and I like the pattern – it is an ice cream! My bag is from H&M, it is big enough for all the things I want to take with me to the beach, and I like this maritime style. My bikini is also from H&M, which I really love!


What do you take with you to the beach? Where are you going on holidays?
Let me know in the comments!

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