Interrail #Munich


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First stop of my Interrail experience was Munich. Munich is a great city, the public transport is very good, you can get nearly everywhere you want. We stayed in Munich for two days and slept in a hostel called „Jägers Hostel“. This was a really crazy and funny night, because we stayed that night in a 40-bed room! Yes, 38 other people, who slept in the same room like me. But actually it wasn’t that bad. The weather was great, it was sunny and hot, but not too hot, which was really pleasant. What did we see in Munich? Well, of course we went to the BMW World/Museum, which was really interesting, because you could see how their process of making a new car works and also how BMW was developed. We also went to the Olympiatower and Olympiapark. This park is so nice and pretty – the best way to chill out! From the Olympiatower you can see over Munich, which was a really nice view.




Also one way to chill out is the English Garden. There’s a river where you can swim – unfortunately we forgot to bring our bikini so we couldn’t go swimming. We also visited the famous Hofbräuhaus, where you can eat and drink typical bavarian delectations. Kerstin and I drunk beer, which tasted really nice.


I personally really liked Munich and would recommend everyone to visit it. There are so many things you can do and visit.
The only thing that we recognized is, that it is really difficult to find Wifi in Munich!

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