Interrail #Trieste

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The last station of my Interrail trip has arrived. Kind of sad, but it was such a beautiful trip! We stayed one night in Triest, a city in Italy, directly at the sea.



We didn’t go sightseeing or anything, because there isn’t really much to visit in Triest. We just wanted to enjoy our last night of Interrail. Triest was beautiful, because you could walk around the little streets, and at nighttime we ate some calamari, which tasted sooooo good!



We also enjoyed the sunset at the sea, which was so beautiful to see at our last day.




The next day we travelled back to Vienna by bus.

All in all Interrail was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to everybody! If you have time and if you want to see something from the world – lets do it!

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